Virus-free, spam-free, secure communication


No spam or your money back!. OK, 100% is impossible, but we believe you will receive less than 1 spam per week and to prove our conviction your membership will be free for any week in which a spam message got through!. I have a constant widely publicised email address which after 6 years must be on many spammers lists and receives about 100 spam attempts per day. None succeed!.

Feedback web form

When you include your email address on a web site, the address will inevitably be harvested by automated address-collecting spiders and will be used to send you unsolicited commercial email otherwise know as spam.

You can help avoid this by using a feedback form on your web site which does not reveal your email address in any way. (Club Cycom servers ensure the message delivery.)

This will allow your prospective customer to enter a short text message (without any dangerous attachments) and press a "Submit" button to send the message to you. If the customer supplies his own email address you can subsequently email each other directly, now that a degree of trust has been established. The customer may be similarly shy and can withold his email address also, thus giving him the opportunity to provide you with anonymous feedback which could help you to improve your service.

Club Cycom servers take care of mapping the recipient alias to a real email address, preventing abuse of the feedback form, limiting the frequency and size of messages , precluding any dangerous attachments or content types and delivering the message to you or to another staff member selected by the sender.

If you have any other requirements such as full encryption and privacy, logging, non-logging, message self-destruct, time-limited messages, attachment filtering, delayed messages etc. please ask us to implement this.

Try out the feedback form for yourself by using Cycom's own contact form at

To adapt the form for your own site, just copy the above page and edit the text and recipient names. You can use any recipient names that you want such as "Chris Turner, Managing director" or "Sales","Support","Complaints". When you have customised the form, email Cycom to tell us where it is and what the real secret recipient email addresses should be and we will then authorise these on our server to make it work.

This contact form is implemented and available to members of Club Cycom.

Conventional email client

Club Cycom also offers conventional email accounts via Cycom's mail servers which are exceptionally spam-free due to careful server configuration, spam traps, active spam reporting and subscription to the opinions of other spam experts (e.g., SpamCop, etc). The anti-spam precautions can be much stronger than those used by other ISPs because Cycom can offer alternative web form contact details in its reject message and thus give rejected genuine customers another means of achieving contact.
 Email can be forwarded to your existing ISP account or you can use a non-Microsoft designed email client program which will not permit virus activation. Most virus infections exploit some defects and gimmicky features in software designed by Microsoft who, unfortunately, have given a higher priority to software features than to the user's security and reliability (probably because Microsoft don't need to pay when things go wrong and yet users still buy Microsoft!).

Encrypted connections to Cycom's mail servers

We only permit encrypted links for SMTP, POP3 and IMAP4 interactions with mail clients so that your internal mail cannot be snooped by your access ISP or its rogue subscribers. (We have correlated use of an ISP with an increase in spam attempts from IP addresses on that ISP so such snooping is probably the norm.). Some ISPs block or divert access to SMTP port 25 but we use port 587 for mail submission and anyway we have various tunnelling means to ensure you can break out of your ISP or corporate firewall (break out, but not break in!)

This email client and email service are available to members of Club Cycom.