Contract between Cycom and User

Contract No:

This agreement is made on .......... of ....................... 2003


Cycom Limited a company incorporated in England under number 1730123 and whose registered office is at Two Oaks, Manor Road, Rangeworthy, Bristol, BS37 7LR. UK.


.................................................................... the User.

1.0 Authority to use the works of the Authors

Contributing Authors have granted Cycom permission to publish the works of the Author in electronic form via the internet to an intended audience of members of Club Cycom that those members may legally use those works for any purpose save for the following restrictions.

  1. any copy or derived work made by a User must not have a similar functional purpose to the original work nor otherwise compete in markets potentially available to that of the original work nor be passed to 3rd parties in a form which could be reverse engineered to reconstruct any valuable component of the original work.

  2. In particular, a work which is an entry in a Translation Memory, Terminology Database, Dictionary, Knowledge base or Natural Language Processing system may not be copied or transformed so as to appear in another Translation Memory, Terminology Database, Dictionary, Knowledge base, or Natural Language Processing engine.

  3. The work must not be used by anyone who is not a current member of Club Cycom.

2.0 Acceptance of liability for illegal use or copying

The User acknowleges that it is not practical for Cycom to enforce that the work is not illegally used or copied when material is processed or stored on the User's machines.

The User agrees to diligently protect the works from misuse or copying and agrees that the User will surrender to Cycom any and all income received or promised resulting from copying or illegal use of the works obtained due to the User's willful or negligent acts and will cooperate fully in tracing and prosecuting any 3rd parties who may be profiting from copying or illegal use of the works.

The User acknowleges that it is not practical for Cycom to label the work with a copyright notice under all circumstances and accepts that all works obtained via Cycom are assumed to be copyrighted unless an explicit notice says otherwise. Cycom's labeling responsibility will be satisfied by this general notice to potential users of the work that all such works are copyrighted and information as to the owner of the copyright will be supplied on demand.

3.0 Royalty payments

Payments to authors may be based on estimates of usage of the work and revised in the light of any measured usage. Cycom is not obliged to measure the usage of the work. The User agrees not to hide usage of the works and agrees to cooperate to ensure the implementation and accuracy of any metering or estimation mechanism that may be devised. In the event of any significant disagreement between Cycom and the User of the formula or parameters of the usage metering or estimation algorithms for any period then the User shall cease to use those works. Sometimes it may be necessary to withdraw works from use due to disputes between Cycom and the Author or other reasons and the User agrees to comply with requests to cease to use such works.