Starting the aerodynamics and wind turbine tool

The aerodynamics and wind turbine blade design tool is a Java Web Start application that can run online or offline.
To start it online, simply navigate to
To start it offline, first start your Java Web Start Application manager. This will be somewhere on your windows start menu or may be an icon on your desktop. The Java Web Start Application manager should show a splash screen and then show the following screen:-

Java Web Start Application Manager screen

You may have to choose "Downloaded Applications" from the view menu to see this screen if this was not the default screen. Any web start applications will show on this screen and it is likely that only the Club Cycom app will be on your screen. If you are really offline (not connected to internet) then ensure that the connection icon in the lower left corner shows "disconnected". You can click on this icon to change from connected to disconnected and vice-versa.

Select the "Club Cycom - Enjoy!" application by clicking and then press the "Start" button of the Java Web Start Application screen.

The welcome screen of the Club Cycom software should now appear as shown on the following screen :-
welcome screen aerodynamics button

Press the button labeled "Aerodynamics".  The buttons marked as "Login" and "Create new user" are not used or needed by the Aerodynamics modules. You should see the wind turbine design screen below. If instead you see a license management screen, then you will need to go online and subscribe to Club Cycom or, if you have already subscribed,  enter your issued license key into the License management screen.

turbine main screen showing  parameters button

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