Load and Save Turbine Scenario

While designing your turbine rotor, you set many design parameters for the rotor, many conditions for the wind, and set a station radius of interest, a viewpoint etc. All these inputs are together called a scenario and can be saved to a disk file so that they are not lost when you close the program. Later you can load a scenario from a disk file to continue your design and analysis. You choose the names of the disk files and you can have as many design scenarios as you wish with a separate disk file for each. The scenario is not saved automatically when you close the program and there is no warning of unsaved changes. The scenario is best saved with a ".zip" filename extension since it will then be made smaller and be protected against character set corruption by stupid email programs when you send the file to other people. You may also save the scenario with a ".xml" filename extension in which case the contents are human readable as simple text.

It is assumed that you are at the main top level "Aerodynamics" screen shown below:-
top level aerodynamics screen press parameters button

You will first need to press the "Parameters" button to select the parameters entry screen shown below:-
press Save scenario button

After you have made important changes to the parameters that you wish to be saved, then you can press the "Save scenario" button. This will then cause a file save dialog window to pop up which you can use to first navigate to a suitable personal directory and then invent and type a  suitable new filename, (or overwrite an existing old scenario file). It is best to use a ".zip" filename extension (e.g. myfirstdesign.zip ). The screen should end up similar to that shown below:-
save dialog

You should press the "Save" button and your scenario will be written to the named file, the dialog will close automatically and you will return to the parameters entry screen. If the "Graphics" tab of your scenario included the parameter "Save also to CAD file when saving" ticked (set tot true) then the operation of saving the scenario to the filename that you chose will also create some IGES and DXF CAD files with names based on the name of your scenario file and also based on the station radius of interest. In order to generate CAD files for several station radii, you might well change the station radius and resave the scenario to the same scenario filename. The CAD files will all be based on this same scenario name but will be different names since the station radius is automatically used as part of the name (e.g "myfirstdesign_1_20.iges" is the section at radius 1.20 metres ).

When you later wish to load a previously saved scenario, you will  navigate to the "Parameters" screen as shown below:-
press open scenario button

Press the "Open scenario" button. A file open dialog window will then pop-up which will allow you to navigate to a directory and select an existing file that you created earlier when you saved the scenario. Your screen should look as shown below:-
open dialog

Press the "Open" button and the scenario will be loaded. The dialog will close automatically and you will be returned to the "Parameters" screen where you should now see that all the parameters are set as they were when you last created that scenario file.

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