Sending your file to other experts for addition of new material

You may be a monolingual subject expert and require a foreign language bi-lingual subject expert or translator to match your term definitions with the terms in that foreign language. You may be a translator who needs definitions from a subject expert. You may be a company commissioning many translations. You wish to send your term entry collection to some other expert so that they can work efficiently and consistently and so that they can enhance your term collection for reuse in future projects.

The procedure is simply to send them a TBX format file, on floppy disk, attached to email or loaded on a web site. You may like to consider changing the name of the file to include the name of the person you are sending it to so that you can easily distinguish it when it is returned enhanced and so that it will not accidentally overwrite your original on return.

For exampe: If your file is called "" you might send it to John as "". You might use your operating system to copy and rename files or you might open your term entry collection, add some comment using the "Describing your collection" tutorial and then save it with a different file name

There are other tutorials describing how John might then add extra language sets to the entries and how you might merge John's additions back into your original collection, if both you and John made edits during the same period.

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