Saving your collection as a TBX format interchange file

The Club Cycom term entry display tool holds most term entries in the computers volatile RAM memory. You must save your collection to a TBX format interchange file if you wish to save changes or additions to your work.

Preconditions: You have navigated from the Club Cycom "Welcome" screen to the top level screen of the "Term entry display" tool. You have either created a term entry with term, or you have opened an existing term collection. The term entry identifiers and terms are visible in the top level term entry display screen.

  1. Use the mouse to point the screen pointer at a blank area of the term entry display screen and press the right-most mouse button. You should see a context sensitive menu popup as shown below. Each pop-up menu is context sensitive which means that the menu options vary according to the object under the screen pointer at the time of the right-click.

  2. Choose the "Save term entry collection (...)" menu option. This will bring up a file save dialog. Type "" in the "File Name" field. Your screen will now look as shown below.

  3. Press the "Save" button. A save progress screen will briefly flash by and then a term collection header information summary screen will be displayed as shown below. The information on it should be ignored for now as it is out of date.

  4. Press the "Close" button. This will return you to the top level term entry display tool screen as shown below.

  5. Your changes have been saved. You may continue to make new changes and save again later or you can exit the program now using the "Cancel" button. This button checks for un-saved edits and so it is the safest way to exit the program. If you use the "Cancel" button you will return to the "Welcome" screen as shown below.

Congratulations! You have saved your term collection as a TBX format interchange file. You gave this file a ".zip" filename extension and this caused the delicate XML TBX data to be compressed and protected inside the zip file. This file can now be attached to emails, posted to web sites or simply read back into the term entry display tool. There is no need to unzip the file but you can if you wish or if needed by 3rd party TBX processing tools.

Be warned that the XML TBX data looks like text and can be interpreted by browsers, emailers and text editors but such tools may not recognise and respect the "utf-8" encoding and so might convert the character set to a local code page variant thus destroying the "utf-8" encoding. Its safest to keep all files as zip files unless you are sure your 3rd party software is smart enough.

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