Opening an existing TBX format interchange file

Preconditions: You have navigated from the Club Cycom "Welcome" screen to the top level screen of the "Term entry display" tool. You have either a blank centre panel with no term collection or you have a term collection that has no unsaved changes which you have now finished viewing and you wish to replace it with a new collection from a file.

  1. Press the "Open Term Collection" button. This will bring up an open file dialog. Navigate to find your desired TBX file (which will usually have a ".zip" file extension). Select this file. Your screen will then look as shown below.

  2. Press the "Open" button. This will bring up a loading progress dialog which will automatically close when finished reading and then will bring up a term collection header and statistics screen as shown below. (If the loading progress dialog does not finish, then there will have been some format error during reading. Visit

  3. After making a mental note of the language sets present in the collection, press the "Close" button. This will return you to the top level term entry display screen as shown below.

  4. If the languages in the collection are not being displayed as you like, then use the "Profile" button to adjust the languages and display formats.

Congratulations! You have opened and displayed a term collection from a TBX format interchange file.

This same procedure can be used for non-TBX files but beware that this can fail. Currently, IIF and DXLT formats are partly supported for import. The term entry collections will always be converted to TBX when saved. Please send any example termbase files to and we will see if we can improve the software to read these formats.

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