Receiving a file from other experts and merging the new material

Imagine that we sent out the "" file to a subject expert John as "" when it had only 1 english term in the collection. Meanwhile we have added many other language terms and sample sentences to "" and John has now returned the initial "" having added an english definition and explanation of the concept. You can download John's file "" and you can download our multilingual "".

Preconditions: You have navigated from the Club Cycom "Welcome" screen to the top level screen of the "Term entry display" tool. You have opened an existing term collection which contains terms in many languages (you can download and use this sample collection ""). The term entry identifiers and terms are visible in the top level term entry display screen.

  1. You are viewing a monolingual english term entry display screen of the term collection "". Point your screen pointer at some blank space and click the right-most mouse button. You screen will look as shown below.

  2. Select the menu option "Merge another collection into term entry collection (...)". This will bring up a file open dialog. Navigate and select the file "" (the file whose contents are to be merged into the current collection). Your screen will then look as shown below.

  3. Press the "Open" button. The selected file will be merged into the current collection. If there were no conflicts, this will be automatic. You will briefly see a progress dialog which you need not interrupt since it will close itself when done. You will then see a summary screen to remind you of the current collection contents as shown below.

  4. Press the "Close" button. This will return you to the top level term entry display screen where you will see John's definition and explanation has been added to the collection as shown below.

  5. In order to confirm that we now have both John's definition and our other language terms merged we might select a multilingual display from the profile screen and press OK to result in the screen as shown below.

  6. As the entry is now too big for the window, a scroll bar appears which can be used to view all of the entry. When scrolled to the end, the screen appears as shown below.

Congratulations! You have now merged John's file with your (modified) original. You will need to save the term collection now if you wish to keep the merged information. Note that John added the definition and explanation at the language set level and not at the term level since they describe the concept and not just a particular term. Even though this definition is in english, it will serve to describe the concept for all languages since the concept is supposed to be the same for all languages. If a particular term might also mean something more or less than this, then a term level usage note or term level definition might also be added.

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