Exiting from the Club Cycom software

It is possible for you to lose changes or additions to your data if you do not exit from the software in an orderly way. The Club Cycom term entry display tool holds most term entries in the computers volatile RAM memory. You must save your collection to a TBX format interchange file if you wish to save changes or additions to your work.

Preconditions: You have navigated from the Club Cycom "Welcome" screen to the top level screen of the "Term entry display" tool. You have either created a term entry with term, or you have opened an existing term collection. The term entry identifiers and terms are visible in the top level term entry display screen.

  1. You believe that all your changes have been saved. You can exit the program now using the "Cancel" button. This button checks for un-saved edits and so it is the safest way to exit the program. If you use the "Cancel" button you will return to the "Welcome" screen as shown below.

  2. If there were no warnings, and you are on the "Welcome" screen, then you can trust that your data is safely stored on disk and you can now exit the software using the appropriate icon in the title bar of the window. Don't try this from the term entry display screen because the program will exit without checking for changes. If there were unsaved changes, then you will be presented with warning dialog as shown below.

  3. If you see this dialog, press the "Cancel" button, and go and save your changes. (there is another tutorial showing how to save changes). If you press "Lose changes" the changes are not actually lost until you exit the program or you read another TBX file.

Congratulations! You have safely exited from the Club Cycom software.

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