Describing your term entry collection

Preconditions: You have navigated from the Club Cycom "Welcome" screen to the top level screen of the "Term entry display" tool. You have either created a term entry with term, or you have opened an existing term collection. The term entry identifiers and terms are visible in the top level term entry display screen.

  1. Use the mouse to point the screen pointer at a blank area of the term entry display screen and press the right-most mouse button. You should see a context sensitive menu popup as shown below. Each pop-up menu is context sensitive which means that the menu options vary according to the object under the screen pointer at the time of the right-click

  2. Choose the "Edit summary header (...)" menu option. This will bring up an editable summary header screen. Edit the fields to describe your term collection. Your screen will now look as shown below.

  3. Press the "Commit changes and close" button. This will return you to the top level term entry display screen. You will need to save the collection to save your header changes even if you did not modify any of the term entries themselves.

Congratulations! You have described your term entry collection.

This will be saved when you save the collection (as described in another tutorial). You will see this description whenever you read this file, or at any time while the collection is loaded by using a context-sensitive menu option "Show summary". Don't confuse "Show summary" with "Edit summary header"! Only the "Edit summary header" will record your edits.

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