Creating a new starter term entry

Preconditions: You have navigated from the Club Cycom "Welcome" screen to the top level screen of the "Term entry display" tool. You understand how to click in text fields to give them focus and erase/type new contents of text fields. You understand the ambiguous jargon (that "term entry" means "record of all terminological information for one concept" and "term" sometimes means "term designation" and sometimes means "term designation and related information group").

The sequence illustrated below is not the fastest way of achieving a result but it is designed to reinforce in your mind the structure of a terminological record or term entry (that it represents a single concept, that it contains many language sets and that each language set contains many terms).

  1. Find some blank space in the centre panel of the screen, use the mouse to point the screen pointer at this blank area and press the right-most mouse button. You should see a context sensitive menu popup as shown below.

  2. Choose the "Create term entry" menu option. This will bring up a term entry editor screen. Type into the "Subject field" a suitable subject, say "human-computer interfaces" and type into the "Language sets" "en" (for english language). Your screen will now look as shown below.

  3. Press the "Create" button to the right of the "Languages sets" field. This will bring up a language set editor screen as shown below.

  4. Press the "Create" button associated with the "Terms" panel. This will then bring up the term editor screen. Select the "Main" tab and type your term (say "mouse") into the "Term" field. If your term is on the system clipboard, you can type "Control-V" (hold down the "Ctrl" key and press "V") to paste the text from the clipboard into the textfield that has the focus. Select "entry term" as the choice of the combo box labeled "Term type". Your screen now looks as shown below.

  5. Press the "Commit changes and close" button. This will return you to the language set editor which should now show your term listed in the term panel as shown below.

  6. Press the "Commit changes and close" button. This will return you to the term entry editor which will not be showing much difference except that the "Language sets" combo box will now include "en" as a choice in the drop-down list and will look as shown below.

  7. Press the "Commit changes and close" button. This will return you to the top level term entry display screen and you should be able to see your term entry record identifying number and the term itself as shown below.

Congratulations. You have created a new term inside a new english language set inside a new term entry. You saw a lot of possible decision points on the screens but made relatively few choices.

You need to document the source of this term to be ISO 12616 compliant. You need to save your term collection back to a file now that you have modified it. You might want to add other language sets to this entry. There are other tutorials for these actions. Use your browser's "back" button to return to the previous page.

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