Browsing through the collection

If a search of a term in a collection fails to find a match, it is comforting to be able to browse the whole collection to get an idea of just what is in there. This can help guide your choice of search criteria.

A new employee or team member will appreciate being able to browse the term entry collection that specialises in the project's terminology. He or she will then be able to understand the "jargon" spoken by the existing team members and be able to read the other project documentation without the embarrassment of continually interrupting or taking up the time of senior experts.

The technique is to simply use the "<Previous" and "Next >" buttons, having set up a suitable display profile.

Preconditions: You have navigated from the Club Cycom "Welcome" screen to the top level screen of the "Term entry display" tool. You have opened an existing term collection which contains many terms in many languages . The term entry identifiers and terms are visible in the top level term entry display screen.

  1. You are looking at a large collection. Your screen looks as shown below.

  2. Press the "Next >" button. This will page forward to the next set of entries. The software tries to fit as many entries as possible in the current window size but if an entry is clipped, it will be displayed again on the next page. If a single entry is too big for the page, then a vertical scroll-bar will appear so that you can still see all. Your next screen looks as shown below.

  3. The " < Previous" button will show the previous page. Indexes can be browsed in the same way. Press the "Profile" button, choose "Alphabetic index" as the value of the combo box labelled "Summarization" and the press "OK". The index appears as shown below.

  4. Press the "Next >" button. The next page is as shown below.

  5. Click the term in the index using the left-most mouse button. This will bring up a full term entry display for the single term entry of interest as shown below.

  6. After reading and learning that entry, press the "Back track" button. Note that this will return you to the index display at the point where you left it. You can then browse the index still further by pressing the "Next >" button. Your screen now looks as shown below.

Congratulations. You have browsed the term entry collection as large entries and via an index. You learned how to follow hyperlinks in the index and return to the previous place.

Use your browsers back button to return to the prevous page.

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