Translation and terminology tools, dictionaries and termbases

Text corpus analysis tool

This tool allows you to analyse the words, terms and collocations that appear in several text documents. Lists are displayed which list the words appearing in the texts ranked by frequency of occurrence or generality together with statistics for each word or collocation. Click for more detail on the text corpus analysis tool.

Terminology Management System

This tool allows you to open, browse, create and edit collections of term entries. Each term entry represents an object or class of object or some concept known to human minds together with language specific designations for that concept. (Like a dictionary!). Click for more detail on the terminology management tool.

The locations of existing termbases will be made available to members on request. Some test collections are available here.

Cycom has summarized ISO 12616.2 "Translation-oriented terminography" and included some screen shots at relevant points.

Both tools are implemented and are available to members of Club Cycom.