Setting up a terminological database

Translators working alone

Even for translators working alone, it is important to devise and conform to certain minimum conventions, such as the inclusion of input or update dates and classification information, descriptive information (such as definitions and contexts) and notes. The reasons for doing so are

Translators working together

For translators working together, an adequate terminological database structure allowing for separate input and output templates for individual language pairs may be advisable.

Data maintenance and updating

Data protection mechanisms (type of media, back-up intervals, data redundancy) and data security methods (access control, especially for multi-user systems) have to be established. Protocols must also be established to ensure proper entry of terminological records and update information.

Data maintenance and updating facilitates the elimination of typing errors, reconciliation of duplicate records (with same key or referring to the same concept), correction of existing records, addition of new records, creation of new cross-reference links as new material is added.

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