General requirements for a terminological database

Before taking any decisions regarding how to set up a terminological database, users must first identify the type, number and repeatability of data categories to be included in the terminological records. As it is not always possible to forsee all future needs at the planning stage, it may be necessary to later redesign all or parts of the database or to revise the individual terminological records.

System requirements

The requirements to be met by hardware and software depend on the user's needs, available resources, and the intended mode of operation. Once the probable size of the database has been estimated, various choices involving type of operating system, system performance, and peripheral performance will have to be made.

Software requirements

The following features will be taken into account:

the languages, graphics design, character sets, definition of input and output screens, user-friendliness, tutorial, help functions, network capababilities, integration of data processing and word processing, access to external data, import/export, data security, data protection, access control.

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