TBX Terminology management system tool

Terminology Management System (TMS)

This tool allows you to open, browse, create and edit collections of term entries. Each term entry represents an object or class of object or some concept known to human minds together with language specific designations for that concept. The term entries may be presented in several ways:-

There are a range of search criteria that can be used to quickly locate particular concepts or browse subsets of the collection and a large range of ISO standard data categories can be entered for any entry or term. There are no fixed limits on number of fields or number of languages or other restrictions often found in relational database implementations. The collections are imported and exported in the TBX, DXLT, ISO 12200 , and MARTIF family of international standard formats.

The benefits to you are that your investment when entering data is protected since the information will be reusable in many other systems and so more valuable to potential buyers. At all times you own your data in a saleable format. Some competitor terminology management systems do not understand the meaning of the data that you enter and so it is effectively useless outside of its original system. Other competitors do not even let you export your data, rather they expect you to give away your time and intellectual property inputting to someone else's termbase.

Your most important questions of any potential terminology management system vendor should be:-

"Can I export my data in TBX (MARTIF or DXLT or ISO 12200) format?". We say yes! You are not locked-in to one vendor.

"How many ISO 12620 standard data categories does your system understand without special programming by the user?". We say 53 and counting! You do not need database "do-it-yourself" configuration skills and you will not need to degrade the data category of your information to fit a dumb database schema.

"How much does it cost to upgrade to future more functional versions?". We say zero cost!

"How much money am I risking by buying?". We say 8 euros initially, and 35 euros/year longer term!

"If I cancel, do I still keep my data in a useable format?". We say yes! (and we help you import it to any other system and return your unused subscription payment).

The system implementation has been designed around the following standards:-

Here are a few screen shots of the term entry display tool. There is better information and context in our gloss of ISO 12616

Some sample term collections are here.

There is an index of tutorials for the term entry display tool.

This tool is implemented and is available to members of Club Cycom.