If you have Java Web Start (included with Java version 8) correctly installed and configured, then starting, downloading, installing or updating of the Club Cycom software is automatic by accessing the following url http://www.cycom.co.uk/club/login.jnlp

You may wish to bookmark this page, or bookmark the above hyperlink (mouse-right-button-click - Add bookmark for link)

If you do not yet have Java Web Start and Java version 8 correctly installed or if you are having difficulties using the above link then see the detailed installation instructions.

The first time you use the Club Cycom software online there will be a delay as components of the software are downloaded and you will be presented with a dialog which asks that you trust "www.cycom.co.uk" or "CYCOM LIMITED". You can trust software signed by "www.cycom.co.uk" or "CYCOM LIMITED". The software has been signed with a digital certificate and we had to authenticate ourselves to "Thawte Server CA" to prove we were "CYCOM LIMITED" and had ownership of the "www.cycom.co.uk" domain. Software signed by "www.cycom.co.uk" or "CYCOM LIMITED" will not have been tampered with and you will be able to prove that we were responsible for creating it and sue us should it do anything malicious on your computer!. In general, if it is not signed then don't trust it. Look at the details of the certificate. You should find an OU=www.cycom.co.uk O=CYCOM LIMITED L=Bristol ST=Bristol C=GB which signals that Cycom is located in Bristol, Great Britain (United Kingdom). Ring us if you have any doubts.

Subsequent visits to the URL will start the software very quickly since no downloads will be needed (unless we later update it) .

Once the software has started it will continue to run even when you disconnect from the Internet.

After the first time, you will be able to start the software offline (when you are disconnected from the Internet) by starting Java Web Start Application Manager from the normal shortcuts or menus on your computer desktop. You will be able to see the "Club Cycom" application listed as a downloaded application (Choose "View" menu, then menu option "Downloaded applications"). Start the "Club Cycom" application by double-clicking it.

You can remove the Club Cycom software from your system at any time by highlighting it and choosing "Application" menu, menu option "Remove application". You can re-install just by accessing the URL at the top of this page. A download delay will then occur.