Manual Registration of the Java Plugin and Javaws for Linux/Mozilla

NEW. PLEASE USE Java 6 (e.g. JRE1.6.0_31) The automatic install of an SDK or JRE 1.4.2 on a higher Linux with a higher Mozilla browser will not correctly register
the Plugin or the Javaws components.

Follow Sun's instructions at:-


For me, with my own Mozilla 1.4 install and SDK with netbeans install, I needed the following command (as root):-

ln -s /opt/j2sdk_nb/j2sdk1.4.2/jre/plugin/i386/ns610-gcc32/ /usr/local/mozilla/plugins/

For each user, running /usr/local/mozilla/mozilla, I setup the Java Web Start MIME type (JNLP) in the Edit->Preferences->Navigator->Helper Applications section. The file extension is jnlp; MIME Type is application/x-java-jnlp-file. It should be handled by the javaws executable file in your Java Web Start directory (for me, the executable was:- /opt/j2sdk_nb/j2sdk1.4.2/jre/javaws/javaws).

For each user, running
/opt/j2sdk_nb/j2sdk1.4.2/jre/javaws/javaws ,  I chose the "file/preferences" menu, then selected the "General" tab.
In the "Browser setup" field I changed "netscape" to "/usr/local/mozilla/mozilla".

Test by closing all browser windows and trying the club cycom start url at

More club cycom information at