Educational tools and materials

Touch typing tutor

This tool allows you to practise touch typing and provides key by key measurement and numeric feedback on your accuracy and speed. A smiley face provides additional feedback as the intensity of the smile depends on performance at three selectable levels (beginner, intemediate and expert). An on-screen representation of the keyboard shows where to place fingers and highlights the correct key in the event of an error so that the student need not look down at his hands. Erors are highlighted and automatically erased when the correct key is pressed so avoiding tedious backspacing or cursor movement to correct errors. Optionally there can be a warning beep on error or the smiley face can become a sad face on poor perfomance but these are optional since sensitive children can become distressed by these negative signals. Key press delays of greater than 3 seconds are interpreted as a "rest" so as not to unduly pressure the learners by damaging their score when resting or during interruptions.

Here are some screen shots of the touch typing tutor.

This tool is implemented and is free to members or non-members of Club Cycom.


A tool to design the blades of a wind turbine shows the formulae for all calculations and provides the student with the ability to vary parameters, wing profiles etc. and experiment to see the effects on power, efficiency and mechanical forces. This tool might easily form part of an education in aerodynamics, energy conversion, physics, or mechanics as well as being used to design actual turbines intended to be built. It is particularly suited to amateur construction of the blades since blade sections can be printed to act as templates for cutting polystyrene foam sections which can later be glued together, painted and then coated with GRP. Here are more detailed descriptions of the Wind turbine aerodynamic design tool.

This tool is implemented and is available to members of Club Cycom.