Detailed installation instructions for Java and Cycom software

Cycom's software installation is always fully automatic but does rely on Oracle's Java Web Start (part of Oracle's Java version 8) being already installed and my site being added to the security exceptions list (as it is too expensive to keep buying a new certificate every year).

Call me, Chris Turner, if you have any problems. (contact details)

The steps are:-

  1. Download Java version 8 (JRE 1.8.0) or better (includes Java Web Start)

  2. Add to the Java Control Panel's exception site list.

  3. Visit Cycom's software start URL login.jnlp, wait while files download and trust "" or CYCOM LIMITED when asked.

Now follows a more detailed breakdown of the steps. A Microsoft Windows user is assumed. Linux and Macintosh users will be smart enough to adapt the instructions for their operating system:-

Download and install Java version 8 (JRE 1.8.0)

Clicking this button might work. GetJava Download Button

Add to the exception site list on the security tab of the Java Control Panel. You will find the Java Control Panel somewhere in your System Control Panel following a successful Java installation. E.g. follow instructions at

The sequence of screens that you should aim to complete are shown below:-

If the above worked, then you have finished. Now see the instructions at Starting the Club Cycom Software.

If the installation of Java didn't work, then alternatively you can try the following steps :-

  1. Visit the URL

  2. Look for the section for "Windows offline installation" and then click the "download" button on this same line

  3. Download the installer for windows multi-language and save to disk.

  4. Execute the saved file.

  5. Follow the instructions of the installer (accepting the license yet again). If you have any interest in languages other than english then choose the "Custom" installation rather than "Typical" and select all optional components (additional locales, character sets and fonts needing an extra 20 Mbytes of space). If you get a warning that your OS is not supported it is probably that you do not have the latest service pack installed and you can ignore the warning and continue.

  6. If you have problems with the installer, then return to the URL and read the installation instructions instead of clicking on the download.

Visit Cycom's software start URL

See the instructions at Starting the Club Cycom Software.