Club Cycom 'United we win'

If you have Java Web Start and Java 1.8 correctly installed and configured ( is added to the security exceptions list as detailed at detailed installation instructions), then starting, downloading, installing or updating of the Club Cycom software is all automatic by accessing the following url

New! Free online tutorials for the turbine design tool.

Member's Benefits

Priced as low as £5 per year (9 USD or 8 Euro), members benefits today include:-

You can start as a non-member.
Some parts of the software are free. Non-members pay nothing, agree to nothing, don't reveal their email and still get to use the educational "Touch typing tutor" module or Decryption module just by downloading the software. Later, they can subscribe to obtain a single licence to use all the other modules. We recommend that you  download and try the software before asking to join. If you have difficulty paying with money, then please offer us something else. We will try very hard to enable anyone to join but we need some income to support on-going improvements.

Future intended benefits will include:-

The collective group buying power of our members enables Club Cycom to create or acquire services, programs and components for use by all our members at a fraction of the cost of individual purchases. In some cases these services would simply never have been available for individual purchase because the cost of individual trading would be uneconomic for the vendor.

Follow the above hyperlinks for more detailed information on each service. The services actually implemented today will be apparent from the welcome screen of the software used to control access to the services.

We pay you!

Free data is likely to be out of date and worth every euro you paid for it. That is why we pay royalties to all contributing authors of things such as definitions of terms or educational materials. Are you an expert in some specialist subject?. Look at our author contract.

Membership subscription

Members may choose from a range of durations. The prices for longer durations reflect our reduced administration costs. US dollar and Euro prices are approximations as your bank or card issuer will use its own exchange rates. The prices include UK sales tax.


UK £

US $


1 year




Members agree to be bound by the membership terms and conditions.

To join, just anonymously download and install the software. Check that it works OK on your system by running the free tools such as the "Touch typing tutor". Only then obtain your license key (and pay) using this button:-

Then enter the key via the "License management" screen of the software


Your subscription is risk-free. Members may choose to leave the club at any time and any unused portion of their last subscription payment will be refunded (less our bank/card transaction costs) on receipt of their appraisal of how the club has satisfied or not satisfied their needs and their assurance that club services and tools will not be used while not a club member. Cycom will take all reasonable steps to ensure that any data that the user has created using the Cycom software remains available to the user in some ISO standard interchange format (e.g. to permit import into another vendor's software.)

Downloading and installing the software

The software will run on any operating system supporting Java Web Start including, Macintosh, Linux, Unix, Solaris , and Microsoft Windows. We recommend that your machine has 512 Mbytes of RAM or more athough 256Mbytes may be sufficient with careful management.

Download, initial installation, running and later updating of Cycom software are all automatic upon accessing the start URL. There is no complexity to installing Cycom software if you already have Java Web Start. Once installed, the software can run offline (while disconnected from the Internet).

Most users will first need to install Java 1.8 (and non-windows users maybe then Java WebStart) both of which are available from Oracle . They will then have access to many applications that are independant of the Microsoft operating system, not just those applications from Cycom Detailed installation instructions.

Contact Club Cycom

To suggest new member benefits, or to get refunds, or to get support, please consult the FAQ and known bugs sections or contact Chris Turner at email or use the other contact points or write to Cycom Limited, Two Oaks, Manor Road, Rangeworthy, Bristol, BS37 7LR, United Kingdom.